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Square Dinnerware Sets

Corelle Square Dinnerware

The Corelle Hearthstone Stoneware Dinnerware set is among the premier dinnerware sets available.

This set features microwave friendly dinnerware that is large enough for the largest of home prepared meals, with enough pieces in the set to set a place for four people at your table.

Corelle has always been known for their quality products, and their Hearthstone Dinnerware square sets continue the standard.

What Is Included In The Set?

The set is built to set four places at your dinner table. The main piece of square dinnerware in the set is the 11 1/2 inch dinner plate. Along with the dinner plate comes a smaller (8 3/4 inch) luncheon plate. This plate is perfect for salads or any side dishes to go along with your main course.

Also included are a 28 ounce cereal bowl, and a 14 ounce drinking mug. This is a complete set for any meal, and with the right flatware set you'll be able to easily spice up your dining room.

What Colors Does It Come In?

The Corelle Hearthstone square dinnerware set comes in four different colors, as highlighted in the pictures on this site:

  • Stone: Almost white, but much less bright. The stone colored set is easily matched to its surroundings.
  • Moss: The moss colored set is a vibrant pastel-green color. While this color may be harder to match to its surroundings, if you are able to so it will make for a uniquely beautiful square dinnerware set.
  • Chili Red Square: The Chili red square is a vibrant (almost fire engine) red color. This is a very bright and beautiful color. With the right surroundings the chili square red set would really add to your dining room. 
  • Royal White Square:  The royal white square set is completely white, with a black border.
  • Keep in mind that all of these colors are bordered by a black color. While the mug, dinner plate and luncheon plate are the colors described, with a black border, the bowl is black with the coloring on the inside of the bowl. 

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